EN – Analog Essentials / Basic Course

Black & White Analog Photography Basic Course

In this practice oriented course we will learn the basics of analog black & white photography and of working in the darkroom. No prior knowledge or experience is needed. We will work in single sessions or in small groups (1-3 persons) to enable full attention to your individual needs. The course can be held in English, German or Hebrew. This course includes:

MEETING 1-2: Basic camera theory and its application
In our first meeting you will learn about the features of a 35mm / middle format camera and how to influence the exposures. In addition, we will talk about your photographic interests and discuss the aspects relevant for your exploration of photography.
You will receive one film from me to photograph until the next meeting. If you already have a favorite film which you would like use, that is of course ok.
If you don’t have your own analog camera, that’s no problem, you can use one that I provide you until the following meeting for a deposit of 150 €.

MEETING 3: Developing films
Bring the exposed film with you to this meeting.
In this meeting you will get to know the developing process step by step. You will practice loading the film into the developing spirals – and then develop your film. Afterwards we will assess the exposures and the development.

MEETING 4: Introduction to the darkroom and creation of a contact sheet
In the third meeting you will get to know the printing process in the darkroom as well as the enlarger. You will create a contact sheet from your developed film, which we will discuss in depth.

MEETINGS 5-8: Printing photos
In these meetings we will focus on printing selected photos from your film. You will learn what makes a good print, consider the choice of contrast levels, image cropping and composition, as well as learn and apply the techniques of dodging and burning. This will be accompanied by discussions and assessments of the different steps up until the final prints. We will also experiment with photograms.

GROUP SIZE:  1-3 persons

8 MEETINGS, app 4 hours each.
Frequency can be determined on individual basis

3 persons: 499 € per person
2 persons: 599 € per person
1 person: 859 €
Prices include materials and an initial roll of film

Additional 2-hour film developing meetings can be booked:
3 persons: 39 € per person
2 persons: 53 € per person
1 person: 59 €
Prices include materials and film protective sleeves

Additional printing meetings (minimum 3 hours) can be booked:
2-3 persons: 20 € per person per hour
1 person: 30 € per hour
Prices include chemicals and photo paper

If you’d like to continue and go into the depths of darkroom work by signing up for the 18-meetings In-Depth Course, the greater part of the paid course fees can be deducted from it.

If you have further questions or would like to sign up for a course, contact me at
+49 (0) 177 456 0299 or contact@atelieranalog.com.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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