EN – Analog Mindset / In-Depth Course

Analog Photography In-Depth Course

Black & White Analog Photography In-Depth Course

1-3 persons   •    18 meetings, app 4 hours each   •   meetings are set individually   •    English / German / Hebrew

In 18 meetings we will learn the possibilities of the wonderful art of black and white analog photography from the basics and into its depths. Alongside the acquisition of skill, we will experience it both in its exciting nature and as a mindful practice.

We will work in single sessions or, if you’d like to come with friends or family, in a small group (2-3 persons) to enable full attention to your individual needs.

The course is divided into three phases and can be adjusted according to your individual interest:

PHASE I / BASIC SKILLS – 8 meetings

  • Basic camera theory and its application
  • Developing films
  • Introduction to the darkroom
  • Printing contacts & photos using classic darkroom techniques
  • Experimenting with photograms


  • Continuing to develop the previously learned skills
  • Working with fibre-based photo paper
  • Using dual filtration
  • Artistic focuses of choice, for example:
    • Street Photography
    • Portraits
    • Abstract Photography
    • Working in Series


  • Continuing to develop the previously learned skills
  • Additional darkroom techniques:
    • pre-flashing
    • f-stop printing
  • Focuses of choice, for example:
    • Night Photography, long exposures
    • Macro Photography
    • Movement
    • Double exposures

FILMS: Initial 1-2 rolls of film will be provided by me.
If you already have a favorite film, you can of course bring it with you and use it.
Additional films are not included and can be bought separately – I am happy to advise on the choice of films.

CAMERA: For this course it is advisable to have your own analog camera, but if you don’t, you can use one that I provide you between meetings for a deposit of 100 €.

18 MEETINGS, app 4 hours each
The meetings are set individually
Frequency can be determined on individual basis

3 persons:  1,119 € per person
2 persons:  1,359 € per person
1 person:  1,959 €

Prices include 1-2 films, chemicals, photo paper and film protective sleeves

The course fees can be paid in 6 equal instalments (at the beginning and then every 3 meetings).

Additional 2-hour film developing meetings can be booked:

3 persons:  39 € per person
2 persons:  53 € per person
1 person:  59 €

Prices include materials and film protective sleeves

Additional printing meetings (minimum 3 hours) can also be booked:

2-3 persons:  20 € per person per hour
1 person:  30 € per hour

Prices include chemicals and photo paper

If you have further questions or would like to sign up for a course, contact me at
+49 (0) 177 456 0299 or contact@atelieranalog.com.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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