EN – Workshop IV / Analog Inspirations

Artistic Focus of Your Choice

1-3 persons  •..2.meetings, 2-2.5.hours.each  •..meetings.are.set.individually  •..English./.German./.Hebrew

Let your inspiration awaken and find your way to express your creative voice. In this practice oriented workshop you can explore an area of black & white photography which interests you or in which you would like to deepen your knowledge and practice.

Learn ways of observing and approaching your motifs, experiment with image composition, see how to think in black & white (and grays…), and explore both the benefits and challenges of photographing analog. Discover what interests you when you see and learn to express your individual, unique point of view through your photographic images.

Areas of Focus, for example:

  • Street photography
  • Abstract photography
  • Working in series
  • Macro photography
  • Creative photograms
  • Double exposures

If you have any other photographic ideas you’d like to explore, ask me and let’s try to make it happen! 

FILMS: One film per person will be provided by me.
If you already have a favorite film, you can of course bring it with you and use it.

CAMERA: If you have your own analog camera, bring it with you. If you don’t, you can use one that I provide you during the workshop for a deposit of 100 €.

2 MEETINGS per Focus, 2-2.5 hours each
The meetings are set individually

3 persons:  69 € per person
2 persons:  79 € per person
1 person:  99 €

Prices include one film

If you have further questions or would like to sign up for a workshop, contact me at
+49 (0) 177 456 0299 or contact@atelieranalog.com.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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